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InTEG is a bright lemon-colored yacht in the Adriatic Sea. Modern, fast, maneuverable, with an interior of functional minimalism. On board our yacht, the client will be able to enjoy the sound of the sea and the horizon of possibilities, and the absence of the sound of a powerful engine will remain a mystery. The client will not find anything unnecessary that could interfere with his successful journey to the dreamy shores. The route to which we pave with digital devices, but check with the intuition of our captain.

About Us

Our company will take your business ship out of the hell of fire marketing and into the blue ocean of effective systems and efficient strategies. Together with us, you will find a hole in the hull of your business tanker and effective means of patching it up. You will get an up-to-date route map and compass to achieve your real business goals. We will become your reliable partner in conquering the stormy ocean of digital marketing and reaching the cherished shores of automated processes and communications.

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Why do our clients choose us?


Best customer experience in communication with marketing


Openness and transparency of the service delivery process


Effective and automated marketing


Чіткий і передбачуваний результат співпраці

Anel Integrity

"I see marketing as more than just marketing. If it was only about identifying and meeting human and social needs, I would have started doing something else."

Consultant on strategic marketing, digital tools and customer service, CEO of inTEG

My team

Yulia Orlova

Project moderator, account manager, inTEG office manager

Slobodianiuk Victoria

Sales Manager at inTEG

Maria Poberezhna

Chief Technical Specialist for the implementation of marketing strategies. Marketing Manager at inTEG

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